10 & Under FAQ

10 & Under FAQ

Q: What should I expect on tournament day?

A: When you arrive at the course, you will find a big white JGAC tent. Head there to check in. We recommend you check in no less than 30 minutes before your tee time, but no more than 1 hour. You will know your tee time about 5 days in advance through e-mail and by checking the website. After checking in, players will have access to the driving range (balls provided) and putting green to warm up.

You should be on the 1st tee box no later than 10 minutes before your tee time. Then, we will introduce you to your group, hand out scorecards and get you started so you can play golf! You will need to have all the equipment necessary to play.

When your round is over, come back towards the clubhouse and we will finalize scores. You may stick around for the awards ceremony, but you are not required to do so!

Q: What is the competition like?

A: Players of all ability levels compete in our 10 & Under Events. A few players will shoot right around par, a few players will shoot in the 60s (on a par 3 course) and a majority of players will score between 30-50. Some players will hit their drivers 200 yards and others will hit it 60 yards. As we get to know you throughout the season, we do our best to pair you with players of similar ability to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Q: Do you require play strictly by the rules?

A: We pride ourselves on administering the game with integrity. Teaching the rules and consequences for breaking the rules begins at a young age. Players and caddies are expected to know the basic rules and follow them. We do our best to have staff and officials on the course to help players through tough situations. Parents will also have direct access to the tournament director via cell phone to answer any questions that might arise.

That said, we do implement a 10-stroke limit. If players have not reached the green in 7 strokes (including penalties) we ask that they pick up their ball, place it on the front of the green and putt out. Players will take a 10 regardless of how many putts it takes to complete the hole.

Q: Is my child ready for your program?

A: We welcome players of all ability levels in our 10 & Under events. If your child has played 9 holes before and wants to start competing-- jump in! If your child has only taken a few lessons or participated in a golf camp, we suggest they experience playing a few short holes from start to finish before competing. A great place to do this is through the JGAC Introductory Membership.

We also ask that your child understands basic principles of the game before competing. Although each player has a caddie, it is very helpful if caddies let their players compete during tournaments instead of using it as practice. For example, each player should be able to align themselves towards their target and have a basic understanding of which clubs to use.

Q: Should my child be playing on par-3, executive or regulation courses?

A: We do offer 10 & Under events on par-3, executive and regulation length courses. Par-3 courses are suitable for all players. Executive and regulation length courses will be set up appropriately to ensure that each participant has an enjoyable experience. Par 3s will play at approximately 100 yards, par 4s at approximately 200 yards and par 5s at approximately 300 yards.

If your child has not played competitive golf before or has not scored lower than 46 on a par-3 course, we might recommend par-3 courses as a great place to start!

Q: Can my child have a caddie?

A: Yes! Caddies may be anyone you choose (parents, siblings, coaches, etc.).

Q: How does scorekeeping work?

A: It is developmentally difficult for children ages 6-10 to keep track of their score, a fellow-competitors score and focus on their own golf game. A volunteer or parent walking with the group will keep the official score for each player in the group. However, in attempts to teach the game, each child will receive a scorecard for him/her to keep his/her own score. We've simplified the procedure so children, not parents, can practice keeping score.

At the end of the round, we will gather the players and ask them to read the score off their individual scorecard to make sure it matches the official score. Once the entire group is in agreement, players will sign the official scorecards and take their individual card home!

Q: What do I do when my child turns 11?

A: As soon as your child turns 11, he/she is bumped up to the 11-13 Series and can no longer compete in 10 & Under events. If your child is ready to compete on longer golf courses without a caddie, this move will suit their developmental needs. If you have a concern about this, please contact a JGAC Staff member and we will help you find the best fit.

Q: Do you post scores to GHIN?

A: If our tournament is played on a course that has been officially rated by the USGA, we will post scores to each players GHIN profile. Most often, par-3 courses are not rated as the length does not meet the Course Rating and Handicapping system's minimum requirements. We will post all scores for you when applicable!