11-13 Series FAQ

11-13 Series FAQ

Q: What should I expect on tournament day?

A: When you arrive at the course, you will find a big white JGAC tent. Head there to check in. We recommend you check in no less than 30 minutes before your tee time, but no more than 1 hour. You will know your tee time about 5 days in advance through e-mail and by checking the website. After checking in, players will have access to the driving range (balls provided) and putting green to warm up.

You should be on the 1st tee box no later than 10 minutes before your tee time. Then, we will introduce you to your group, hand out scorecards and get you started so you can play golf! You will need to have all the equipment necessary to play.

When your round is over, come back towards the clubhouse and we will finalize scores. You may stick around for the awards ceremony, but you are not required to do so!

Q: What is the competition like?

A: Players of all ability levels compete in our 11-13 Series events. Top competitors will shoot right around even par, a majority of our competitors score between 80-95, and some new competitors work to break 100. As we get to know you throughout the season, we do our best to pair you with players of similar ability to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Q: Do you require play strictly by the rules?

A: We pride ourselves on administering the game with integrity. Teaching the rules and consequences for breaking the rules begins at a young age. Players are expected to know the basic rules and follow them. We do our best to have staff and officials on the course to help players through tough situations. Parents and players will also have direct access to the tournament director via cell phone to answer any questions that might arise.

Q: Is my child ready for your program?

A: Players of all ability levels participate in 11-13 Series events. If you child has played in our 10 & Under Series, we will be able to help you determine if the 11-13 Series is the best fit! If you are newer to the game, we recommend you start with our Introductory membership before becoming an 11-13 Series competitor. 

If you are new to the JGAC, we recommend that your child has successfully completed 18 holes of play prior to competing. If your child has taken some lessons and attended a camp or two, we suggest they get a little bit of on course experience first. A great place to do this is our Introductory Membership!

 Q: Can my child have a caddie?

A: No. We do not allow caddies in the 11-13 Series. We feel as though tournaments are a time for players to put their own skills and knowledge to the test. In most cases, independent play actually reduces frustration. If your child is not ready to compete without a caddie, check our our Introductory Membership.

Q: How does scorekeeping work?

A: All players will be given their scorecard prior to the start of each round. Before teeing off, players will exchange scorecards with each other. Each player is responsible for keeping their own score as well as performing the duties of a marker for another fellow-competitor. We encourage players to confirm their score on each hole as they play.

At the completion of the round, players will head back towards the clubhouse and a staff member will help ensure accuracy of each player's score and attest cards. It is the players' responsibility to ensure everyone's scores are correct-- NOT the parents. Parents will not be allowed in the scoring area.

Q: What if my child is a very talented?

A: There are a lot of talented 11-13 year olds that compete in the 11-13 Series! It is a great place for them to continue competing, learn to win and have fun with their peers. You’ll notice we set a minimum recommended age of 13 for JGAC Tour Membership. If your child meets the Handicap Index requirements (Boys – 8.1, Girls 14.1), he/she is eligible to become a Tour member and play. Please note that these events are competitions against the top players (up to age 18) and course set up is significantly more difficult (longer yardages, more carries, challenging layout, etc.). Let us help you determine if this is the right fit!

Q: Do you post scores to GHIN?

A: Yes! All scores shot during JGAC events will be posted to GHIN by the tournament director.

Q: If I sign my child up for the Series Memberhsip are they allowed to play the Introductory events?

A: Yes! Your Child is more than welcome to play in the Introductory events as a Series member. The Introductory events are non-competative events to help with player development, such as applying the rules of golf, keeping up with the pace of play, and how to record/mark scores for other golfers .