Catching Up With Parker Edens

Catching Up With Parker Edens

Posted on September 18, 2017
Q: How old were you when you first started playing golf?
A: I have been playing golf for as long as I can remember. I have lived my entire life with a golf club in hand. I started playing competitive tournaments when I was 10 years old. How did junior golf help prepare you for what you're doing now?
A: Junior golf helped me prepare for my professional golf career in many ways. It helped teach me to compete at a high level, it helped me learn great sportsmanship and most of all I think it helped me learn about my love for golf. I think you have to have an incredibly high level of love for golf to play it professionally. It takes a lot out of you to live and breathe this fun but frustrating game!

Q: What is your favorite memory of growing up playing in JGAC (then-CJGA) events?
A: I loved playing in CJGA events because I became friends with so many of the kids and got to play fun courses. But, without question my favorite memory growing up was getting to travel to each tournament with my mom. She is my biggest fan and getting to leave Greeley at 4am some mornings with her made it so worth it. She never missed a junior event and always traveled with me to amateur events as I got older. I jokingly have always called her my agent because she always made sure we were at the right place with plenty of time. I am always thankful now days when she is able to travel with me to events.

Q: You went on to play college golf at Colorado State University. What was you favorite part about playing for the Rams?
A: I was truly blessed to be able to play at CSU. Of all the places I might have been able to play college golf, CSU was the only place I ever wanted to go. It was my dream. I enjoyed CSU so much and the people I met there I will forever cherish. It was truly the experience of a lifetime for me.

Q: What is your greatest golf accomplishment so far in your career?
A: That’s hard to decide between. I played in 2 USGA Amateurs that I am very proud of. I have won 5 professional events in 3 years and looking to continue building on that number. I was able to attain conditional status on the Tour this year and that was an amazing experience and I look forward to an opportunity to get back there soon.

Q: How do you handle the pressure of playing in big events and qualifiers?
A: That’s a good question. People ask me all the time if I ever get nervous or feel pressure playing. I don’t ever get that nervous or feel pressure all that often, even when I am in contention or coming down the stretch of a tourney and there’s a lot on the line. I often credit that to my preparation. My attention to detail in my preparation is very high and I always feel that I am as prepared as I can be when I tee it up. Every event I play I always have a very detailed game plan and I stick to it always which takes a lot of discipline sometimes but I always know that my game plan will give me the best chance to be as successful as I can be. What does your pre-round routine consist of?
A: I’ll always arrive an hour and 20 minutes prior to my tee times. Straight to the range and hit some half wedges to different targets and then some 9 irons, 7 irons, 4 irons, hybrids, 3 woods, drivers, and then always back to my wedges before I am done. I like going back to my wedges to slow me back down and get back into a solid tempo after a long warm up. Then I head to the putting green. I always keep warm up putts inside 7 feet or outside of 30 feet so I’m working on my lag putting or seeing the ball go in the hole.

Q: Do you have any superstitions when out playing?
A: I have a few. I think some of them have just become my routine. I wear sunglasses when I play. I have 5 pairs of them and if I play well wearing a pair, I will definitely continue wearing that pair until I don’t play well. I always play Titleist #2’s on the 1st round, #3’s the 2nd round, #4’s the 3rd round and #1’s the final round. I have a very unique pre-round and night before routine and I just like to stick to that so I know I’m on schedule and ready to go. It’s worked for me so I just stick with it.

Q: What do you carry in your bag (clubs, balls, snacks, etc.)?
A: Ping G400 driver, Ping G400 3wood, Ping G hybrid, Ping i200 4-PW irons, Ping Glide 2.0 52* 56* 60*, Ping Scottsdale Wolverine putter. Usually carry 6 NEW Titleist ProV1 (I will play 3 of them each round). 2-3 New Footjoy gloves just in case and a couple practice gloves that ill use for practice. Alignment sticks to use on the range and putting green. I’ll carry some snacks like trail mix, fruit snacks and a turkey sandwich.

Q: What is your biggest dream for your golf career?
A: I want to play on the PGA Tour and play in majors. That’s all I have ever wanted to do. It’s definitely a process and I can’t get there without achieving other goals of mine. But it’s definitely my biggest goal and dream to play against the best players in the world on the PGA Tour. If you could give one piece of advice to current JGAC players, what would it be?
A: I would definitely tell them to never give up on yourself. To be very successful in this game you have to have a lot of self-belief and self-confidence because at the end of the day it is just you and your ball, there’s nothing else that can help you get that ball in the hole. I was never the best junior player or the most highly recruited player or the best college player but I always believed in myself and never gave up on myself and I think that always helped me have the best career I could have.