Mt. Elbert is Victorious and Regional Bound

Mt. Elbert is Victorious and Regional Bound

Posted on August 27, 2017
The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills in Westminster hosted the best of the best PGA Junior League All-Star teams in Colorado for the Semi-Finals and Championship matches on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Four teams from all of Colorado became the best 40 players in the state out of over 1,500.

In the Semi-Finals the Pikes Peak team from Colorado Springs and captained by PGA Professional Ben Spiers faced Mt. Massive of Denver (captained by PGA Professional, Rick Timm) for their chance at the Championship. The game looked very close as the groups starting coming in but, with 3-0 victories in their second and third matches, Mt. Massive would come out on top with a score of 9 points to 3.

In the other Final Four matchup, Mt. Bierstadt from Steamboat Springs (Captained by PGA Professional Tom Taylor) would play Mt. Elbert of Aurora and also captained by Rick Timm, PGA. Mt. Elbert took a commanding lead in the first two matches but Mt. Bierstadt showed they were fighters in the third and winning 2.5 to .5. It was not to be though as Mt. Elbert emerged victorious scoring 8 points over Mt. Bierstadt’s 4.

In the afternoon, Pikes Peak would play Mt. Bierstadt for the consolation round to determine third and fourth place. This match proved to be the closest of the day. Both teams were tied after exchanging the lead three separate times going into the final match. Pikes Peak would defeat Mt. Bierstadt with the final match, 2 flags to 1, to win the consolation round and take third for Colorado. What a battle!

Our Championship match between Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert would round out the day.  The teams were neck in neck after the first two match scores were posted. After a tough battle, Mt. Elbert won the final two matches with scores of 2 points to 1 and emerges victorious! All 10 of Mt. Elbert’s players will move on to the Regional Competition right here in Colorado on September 9, 2017 at The Greg Mastriona Golf Courses at Hyland Hills in Westminster to earn their chance to play in the National Championship.

Congratulations to all those who played in the Final Four! You are an amazing representation of junior golf in Colorado!

Teams listed by place below:

Champion: Mt. Elbert
Captain: Rick Timm, PGA
Assistant Coach: Kyle Voska, PGA

Traejan Andrews             Timm Golf
Ty Andrews                        Timm Golf
Kaden Davenport            Timm Golf
Rachel Penzenstadler    Timm Golf
Andy Schwartz                  The Links
Dylan Bundy                       The Links
Qwenton Caldwell           The Links
Max Zadvorny                   South Suburban
Cade Rummell                   Highlands Ranch
Ayzic Belanger                   Family Sports

Runner Up: Mt. Massive
Captain: Rick Timm, PGA
Assistant Coach: Pat Tait, PGA

Blake Sullian                       Timm Golf
Matai Naqica                      Timm Golf
Andre Dumonteil             Timm Golf
Gavin Amella                     Timm Golf
Will Reinhart                      Timm Golf
Carter Okeefe                   Raccoon Creek
Garrison Beutler               Raccoon Creek
Evan Hunter                       Raccoon Creek
Jackson Smith                    South Suburban
Ty Martin                             Family Sports

Second Runner Up: Pikes Peak
Captain: Ben Spiers, PGA
Assistant Coach: Rich Parker, PGA

Ryan Falender                   Garden of the Gods Club and Resort
Noah Keller                        Garden of the Gods Club and Resort      
Logan Burwell                    Garden of the Gods Club and Resort      
John  Berson                      Garden of the Gods Club and Resort      
Walker  Asp                        Garden of the Gods Club and Resort      
Emily Cheng                       The Club at Flying Horse #2         
J.ordan Lu                           The Club at Flying Horse #2         
Chase Crane                       The Club at Flying Horse #1         
Thomas Herholtz              Country Club of Colorado
Kale  Parthen                     Country Club of Colorado

Fourth Place: Mt. Bierstadt
Captain: Tom Taylor, PGA
Assistant Coach: Luke Brosterhous, PGA

Travis Seitz                          Haymaker #1
Mike Dinapoli                    Haymaker #1
Logan Kagan                       Haymaker #1
Charlie Reismann             Haymaker #1
Rax Rotermund                                Catamount
Charlie Thompson           Catamount
Jack Fox                               Catamount
Dave Andujo                      Haymaker #2
Ryan Peck                           Haymaker #2
Heck Staphenson             Rolling Stone Ranch