Player Spotlight - Charlotte Hillary

Player Spotlight - Charlotte Hillary

Posted on May 03, 2017
This month, the JGAC Staff caught up with Charlotte Hillary, winner of the first JGAC Tour Championship, to find out what she's been up to this offseason, what winning the Tour Championship was like, what she's looking forward to this season, and more! Charlotte is a freshman at Kent Denver. She competed in nine JGAC events in our inaugural season, never finishing outside of the Top 5. She's also had an outstanding winter and spring, winning 7 times!

What was it like to win the very first JGAC Tour Championship?
It was such an amazing experience for me to win the first JGAC Tour Championship because I was looking forward to it as soon as I heard it was going to be hosted at my home course (Cherry Hills Country Club). I was determined to win. This motivated me to work really hard on my game leading up to the tournament. The best girls in the state played, including some of my very good friends, and if they would have won over me, I would have been very happy for them, but winning the Championship was a goal I set for myself and it makes me feel very accomplished. Two years ago, I could not have even dreamed of winning something so big. It is truly an honor to be the 2016 JGAC Tour Champion, and I am very grateful.

After winning the Tour Championship, how did you continue to take that momentum into the offseason?
It felt great to set a goal and accomplish it. I made a lot of progress in the last year, but still have lots to work on. Iíd like to hit the ball farther, be more precise with my short game, and play in more national events. I worked on this a bit during the offseason.

What have you done in the offseason to continue to improve?
Luckily, we had a pretty mild winter. So whenever I could, I went to the range, hit balls, and practiced my putting. Also, I have started to work out so I can become stronger and hopefully hit the ball farther!

When there has been snow on the ground, what kinds of things have you done?
I really took the time to do some other things that I donít get to do much during the rest of the year. I played on my high school basketball team and was on the Mock Trial team. I also love to watch golf on tv. For golf practice, I practiced my putting stroke on a putting arc and hit balls indoors and sometimes outdoors when it wasnít too cold.

Youíve played in several out of state tournaments during the winter. How have those tournaments gone?
I played a tournament in January at Half Moon Bay in California, and I managed to win shooting 76-75, in tough conditions. Then, I did not play another tournament until April because I broke my arm in the middle of February. Although this was a huge setback for my golf game, it gave me time to take a breather and catch up on a lot of my schoolwork and get even more ready for golf season when my arm healed. My first tournament back was in early April in Georgia at a HGJT event, I shot 72-75 to win with 22 people playing. It felt great to have two solid rounds right away after my injury. Two weeks later I revisited Georgia for an AJGA and I shot 75-74-71 for a T7 finish. I was happy with it because the competition was one of the toughest I have seen so far, and I really enjoyed the experience. Also, I have won 5 out of my 6 high school tournaments that have been throughout the past two months of Spring Golf Season, which has been a unique experience for me.

What are you most looking forward to this summer, playing in JGAC tournaments?
JGAC is such a great organization and hosts such organized tournaments that I always look forward to.† Also, the golf course selection is always good (especially Cherry Hills for the Tour Championship!) I am really looking forward to all of the majors that JGAC hosts, because they the best competition, and I really enjoy playing in them. But the major that I am looking forward to the most is the JGAC Tour Championship in October so I can defend my title!