Player Spotlight - Davis Bryant

Player Spotlight - Davis Bryant

Posted on July 05, 2017
Name: Davis Bryant
Age: 17
Year in School: Senior
School: Eaglecrest High School 

What was it like to win your very first JGAC Major Championship? 
It was a huge accomplishment to play against and beat the best players in the state of Colorado. I worked very hard this winter to get my game where it needs to be and got off to a very good start this spring. Winning at Eisenhower boosts my confidence for my future in college. I love the course and had a really solid three days. Every aspect of my game was on point and I was extremely happy to be able to hold up that trophy. 

How do you plan on taking momentum from winning the Colorado Junior PGA Championship into the rest of the season? 
Winning at Eisenhower was a great accomplishment and I can use the confidence moving forward into the rest of the season. Knowing how tight it was down the stretch with Dillon Stewart during the final round and getting the job done, feels awesome! There's still plenty of work to be done but my game is in a great spot and I'm looking forward to my tournaments for the rest of the summer. 

You’ve taken your game to a new level so far this year, what things do you attribute that to? What aspect of your game has improved the most? 
I've started to enjoy golf more and more over the past few months. I think that was key for me to be able to have more success and consistency. I have made practicing more enjoyable and been able to have more fun out on the golf course. Now that I know where I will be playing college golf (verbally committed to Colorado State University), that has been a huge weight off of my shoulders and I've had the mindset that I need to get better everyday in order to compete with the best D1 players out there. The aspect of my game that has improved the most, has been my ball striking and par-3 play. I have played par 3's much better this season and been able to give myself a lot more birdie looks. 

What is your biggest accomplishment so far and why was that so special?​ 
The biggest accomplishment so far for me was winning the Colorado Jr PGA Championship. I would also say qualifying for the US Junior Amateur twice in the last three years as well. Winning this year at Eisenhower was a huge boost for me because not only is it a Major, but I will play Eisenhower during my collegiate career, and my experience during that major will help me in a couple years. 

What event are you most looking forward to competing in this summer/fall and why?
I'm most looking forward to competing at the PGA Junior Championship in St. Louis. I have never played in that tournament before and it's always exciting playing in a new event! I also can't wait to go to Washington to play in Jr. Americas Cup with Jackson, Dillon and Cal. It would be awesome to bring a trophy back home to Colorado! 

On June 27th you qualified for the US Jr Amateur. What excites you the most about playing in a USGA event?​
Playing in a USGA event is an honor and a privilege. It feels like a tour event and the competition is off the charts. The USGA always sets up the course extremely difficult and I like the challenge. 2 years ago, I wasn't prepared at all. It may seem odd, but I'm glad I didn't play well. It made me realize what I needed to work on and how I needed to get better in order to compete against the best in the world. I can't wait for Kansas and I'm ready for the challenge!

What is your favorite part about playing for the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado? 
The competition in JGAC events is exceptional. The Alliance gives us (Colorado kids) the opportunity to compete against the best players in Colorado and display our game for college coaches which is a great opportunity. Younger kids can start at the Series tournaments and the more experienced players can play in the Tour tournaments. The JGAC gives kids of every skill level the opportunity to play the game at a competitive level, which is great. The Major format is really cool, because there are 4 main events on the schedule, just like the PGA Tour pros have. It's awesome to meet new people from all over the state and compete against some great friends at the same time.