Player Spotlight - Gracie Olkowski

Player Spotlight - Gracie Olkowski

Posted on August 02, 2017

Name: Gracie Olkowski

Hometown: Grand Junction Colorado

High School: Grand Junction High School

Year in School: 10th


You recently competed in the IMG Junior World Championships. How was your experience playing in a national event?

    It was a really eye opening experience playing with other girls from different nationalities.

What was your favorite part about competing at the IMG Junior World Championships?

    My favorite part was being able to compete in San Diego, California where the weather was excellent and I had the opportunity to go to the beach.

What is your biggest golf accomplishment to date?

    One of my biggest golf accomplishments was to compete in the IMG Junior World Championship three out of the last four years.

What are some of your short term and long-term goals for your golf career?

    Some short term golf goals for me are to place in the top 5 in future JGAC tournaments and to place in the top 5 of my next 5A state golf tournament.  A long term goal would be to play D1 college golf.

What is your favorite part about playing in JGAC events?

    My favorite part about playing in JGAC tournaments is the competition and friendly faces.