Player Spotlight - Marcel Barnhill

Player Spotlight - Marcel Barnhill

Posted on September 05, 2017
Age: I am five years old.
School: I am home-schooled and go to a Home School Academy.

Why do you love golf?
       Because it's fun and I like hitting the ball.

Who got you into playing golf? 
       My Mommy took me to a class and I had a lot of fun.

What is your favorite club to hit? Why?
       I like hitting with my "Boy Boy" driver. I like hitting the ball far.

What’s your favorite thing to eat after a round of golf? 
      Snacks, French Fries, and Chicken Nuggets.

Who’s your favorite professional golfer?
      I'm not supposed to say this, but "Happy Gilmore."

How do you get ready for a tournament? 
      A lot of sleep and practice.  Putt, Chip, Drive, and then Putt before I play.

Do you have any good luck charms that you carry on the course when you’re playing?
      I like playing with my green ball.

What is your favorite thing about the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado? 
     They (staff) are really nice to me.