Teaming Up

Teaming Up

Posted on October 09, 2018

by Gary Baines

​As in this fall's Ryder Cup, Europe dominated over the weekend to win Colorado's Junior Ryder Cup matches held at CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora.

Some of the best players in the state age 13 and under competed in the event, with the designated "Team Europe" (pictured) defeating Team USA 19-13 after three sessions of matches.

While the USA won Sunday's 18-hole singles session, 9-7, Europe had built a commanding lead in the team portion of the event, winning the nine-hole four-ball and the nine-hole foursomes -- both held on Saturday -- by 6-2 margins in each case.
Out of the 32 juniors who competed in the Junior Ryder Cup, just four won all three of their matches -- Emily Cheng (USA), Caitlyn Chin (Europe), Wes Erling (Europe) and Frank Lockwood (Europe).

Junior Ryder Cup Results
At CommonGround GC in Aurora

Sunday's 18-Hole Singles (USA 9, Europe 7)
Emily Cheng (USA) def. Hadley Ashton, 1 up
Liam Wood (USA) def. Matai Naqica, 2 and 1
Kaitlin Zingler (Europe) def. Gisella Lagrimas, 4 and 3
Charlie Flaxbeard (USA) halved with Blake Sullivan
Caitlyn Chin (Europe) def. Brooke Hudson, 4 and 3
Wes Erling (Europe) def. Luke Cushman, 4 and 3
Ashleigh Wilson (USA) def. Logan Hale, 2 up
Carter Surofcheck (USA) halved with Yusuke Ogi
Colin Young (Europe) def. Andrew White, 4 and 3
Frank Lockwood (Europe) def. Tiki Jaffe, 3 and 2
Ben Chin (USA) def. Jack Chambers, 6 and 5
Will Balliet (USA) def. Grant Samuelson, 4 and 3
Livia Pett (Europe) def. Addison Hines, 1 up
Miles Kuhl (USA) def. Andre Dumonteil, 2 and 1
Maddie Makino (USA) def. Taylor Wilson, 2 and 1
Clint Summers III (USA) def. Brayden Destefano, 1 up

Saturday's 9-Hole Four-Ball (Europe 6, USA 2)
Naqica/Sullivan (Europe) def. Wood/Flaxbeard, 2 and 1
Erling/Yogi (Europe) def. Cushman/Surofcheck, 1 up
White/Balliet (USA) def. Young/Samuelson, 2 and 1
Chambers/Lockwood (Europe) def. B. Chin/Jaffe, 3 and 2
Cheng/Lagrimas (USA) def. Ashton/Zingler, 3 and 2
C. Chin/Hale (Europe) def. Hudson/A. Wilson, 2 and 1
Dumonteil/Destefano (Europe) def. Kuhl/Summers, 1 up
Pett/T. Wilson (Europe) def. Hines/Makino, 2 and 1

Saturday's 9-Hole Foursomes (Europe 6, USA 2)
Naqica/Sullivan (Europe) def. Wood/Flaxbeard, 1 up
Erling/Ogi (Europe) def. Cushman/Surofcheck, 2 and 1
Young/Samuelson (Europe) def. A. White/Balliet, 1 up
Chambers/Lockwood (Europe) def. B. Chin/Jaffe, 2 up
Cheng/Lagrimas (USA) def. Ashton/Zingler, 1 up
C. Chin/Hale (Europe) def. Hudson/A. Wilson 1 up
Domonteil/Destefano (Europe) def. Kuhl/Summers, 1 up
Hines/Makino (USA) def. Pett/T. Wilson, 1 up