Top Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do Right Now

Top Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do Right Now

Posted on April 12, 2017
Top Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do Right Now
By: Dee Tidwell

About the Author: Dee is the owner of Colorado Golf Fitness Club in Denver, Colorado. His program of stretching, conditioning, stability, strength, and nutrition has been developed and tested to improve any golfer’s ability on the course and in life. Dee is a Level Three (TPI) Titleist Performance Institute Certified: Golf Fitness Pro, Golf Fitness Instructor, Junior Coach, and Medical Coach. During his 17 years in the golf fitness business and he has coached PGA tour winners and some of the most successful collegiate golfers in the country. Dee brings extensive knowledge and expertise for the high handicap golfer to the PGA tour pro, which quickly translates into permanent change and success for any golfing client.

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Well here we are again, the beginning of another golf season. My question to you is, have you prepared over the off-season to play better golf in 2017?
In fact, how did your 2016 season end up? Did you:
  1. Break 80?
  2. Lower your handicap?
  3. Play without pain?
  4. Increase you driving distance?
  5. Win?
  6. Not improve…again?
Again, the question is, did you perform and accomplish the goals you set out in the 2016 season? If your answer is no, then you must consider why? Is it because the new club(s) you bought, “just didn’t perform like you thought they would?” Is it because you didn’t take enough lessons? How about because you didn’t put in enough practice time?

My challenge to you is that it isn’t any of the above! May I suggest It’s what you haven’t been doing this winter season?
I hope you don’t expect to do close to nothing over the winter time and then when March comes around, think you are going to go out and play well, score well and otherwise be properly prepared? You know what though, a majority of golfers think that they can do that, then they wonder why their game is suffering, their bodies hurt and so does their ego!
So let’s work on re-programming your idea of golf success during the season, by sharing with you ten things you SHOULDN’T do from now until May. These are the top ten…

1. Be LAZY!
I mean seriously! General fitness, function and performance in life (not just golf) is important to the longevity of your life and physical “prowess!” If you’re like me and expect to ride my mountain bike, play golf, backpack, and water-ski till I’m dead…then you can’t be lazy! After all, your competition may be training harder than you in the gym!

2. Stop Stretching                                                                                                                                                 
In my practice, everyday I deal with clients who have pain because of immobility (joints) and inflexibility (muscles) and what do you think it mostly comes from? WORK! That’s right, the seated workplace is the number one workplace position and the one that reeks the most havoc! So, if you want to be one who benefits from being flexible, then do your daily stretches! Remember how flexibility can help your golf; you’ll have better posture, you’ll have an increased range of motion, you’ll have a higher club head speed, you’ll hit it further, it will help you score lower, and most importantly will help keep your form getting injured.

3. Stop Strength Training
Studies have shown that a regular weight training program can grow muscle tissue, strengthen ligaments and tendons with participants as old at 92 years old! Let me challenge your thought process a little bit about human function by asking a question, “at your present fitness level, do you think you would’ve done well if you lived 250 years ago?”
In other words, if you think about how people lived in the 1700’s, do you think you would’ve been able to function well in your present state?

Let me make it easy for you…probably not! Think about what ‘pioneers’ had to do everyday to survive; they had to hunt for their food, they had to build their houses (including cutting down the trees etc.) they had to protect their land, they had to migrate etc., etc.! So, without a strong weight training program, there is no way for you to maintain the levels of function that would be similar to those times! Back then, you had to be good at squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, bending, rotating, walking and running…are you good at all these?

4. Stop Practicing
It still makes me laugh how the majority of golfers take the winter off from practice and training, and expect to go out come spring and play the way they do in late summer! What are you thinking? You spend all winter working in your seated work place, being lazy, and yet you still expect to score well in the start of spring…seriously! Do PGA tour pros take the winter off and expect to start in January with a bang and win tournaments right off the bat? NO, they don’t they train and practice in the winter so they can expect to do well when they start at the end of January.

Ok, for those of you living in the southern part of the US, winter doesn’t really affect you that much as it does in the north. That aside, you should not go all winter without practicing! This is an ideal time, along with your conditioning program, to make changes to your game! This is a good time to meet with your golf professional and get a plan and practice at it till spring rolls around and you are able to start your season with a “bang!”  Do it this way this year and watch how good you will be at the start of the season!

5. Stop Seeing Your Golf Pro At Least Once a Month During the Winter
This ties into #4 above. Plain and simple, see your instructor once a month and have them create a plan that you can stick to that will lead to success.

6. Forget to Get a Massage Once a Month
Because golf is such a one sided stressful sport, you undoubtedly have asymmetry in your body. Because of this your muscular system can be tight on one side and loose on the other…your muscles need some “lovin” for gosh sakes! Massage will help relieve stress; get rid of accumulated toxins; promote better blood flow; help your lymph system (which helps fight infections); help you relax; help promote mobility of the joints and flexibility of the muscles; and don’t forget that i just feels good!

7. Forget to See Your Chiropractor
As much as golf is stressful to one side of your body muscularly, it is also stressful on your skeletal system and spine. This is why you should visit your chiropractor at least once every quarter just to make sure that your neurological system is working optimally. Don’t forget that your neurological system controls every function of your body, so it is essential that it is functioning at its full capacity!

8. Stop Eating Right
Here’s when I beg…PLEASE, PLEASE eat as much organic food as you can! Commercially raised and produced food is being shown in research to be a MAJOR cause of disease and athletic dysfunction! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “but Dee, it costs so much more.”  Listen, first of all, no it doesn’t. If you compare prices, they are pretty similar for the same food products! Secondly, WHO CARES! Isn’t your health more important than anything? If you need to sacrifice, do it somewhere else, don’t rob yourself and your performance of the best nutrition you can buy, it just isn’t worth the small saving every month you may gain.

9. Forget to Manage Your Stress
This one is easy, do something everyday that will allow you to ‘download” from the stressors of the world, school and sports. Stay off your phones, social media, take a nap, play the other sports you love to play, manage your time well, treat others the way you want to be treated, and especially go and golf…the ultimate way to reduce stress!
10. Forget to See a Qualified TPI Fitness Professional
Create a specific program for your issues. Just like you would hire a professional plumber or car technician to address your issues with your plumbing and car problems, you should hire a professional to fix your body issues! You must seek those who are most qualified to do this work for you. Do not go to just your average personal trainer down the street, who not only doesn’t know anything about golf, but probably doesn’t know much at all about anything else except circuit training on machines!
So if you have a desire to be a better golfer, if you follow these “Top Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do This Winter,” not only will you enjoy a better game come spring time, but all other parts of your life will improve as well! Enjoy!