Why participate?

A Sport for a Lifetime

By connecting children with junior programs at green grass golf facilities, an opportunity is created for lifetime enjoyment of the sport. This partnership between the golf facility and the school is instrumental to the long term success of the Colorado PGA Golf in Schools program.

Long Lasting Impact

By unifying the Allied Golf Associations we will deliver a sustainable program that embraces individual communities, their school system and local corporate supporters in an effort to impact the children of Colorado for years to come.

Life Value Integration

One of the attractions of the game of golf is a tradition of integrity, courtesy, respect and sportsmanship. Introducing children to this great sport creates an opportunity to reinforce these values as well as head them down a path to participate in a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Introductory Community Based Programs

Check out some junior golf instructional opportunities under our GOLFER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS tab and select GOLF INSTRUCTION or visit your local Parks & Recreation or other community based programming partners for golf related programming.