Hard Card

Hard Card

2020 JGAC Local Rules and Conditions of Competition

The Rules of Golf as approved by the USGA and The R&A, effective January 1, 2019, govern play. See the applicable tournament Notice to Players for additional Local Rules and Conditions. Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for a breach of a local rule is the general penalty, loss of hole in match play and two strokes in stroke play. The local rules of the host course are not in effect.


Out of Bounds – A boundary edge is defined by white lines or the inside points at ground level of white stakes or fence posts, and those stakes or fence posts are out of bounds.
Penalty Area Stakes and Lines – When a penalty area is defined on only one side, it is deemed to extend to infinity. When a yellow or red penalty area is bounded by out of bounds, the penalty area edge extends to and coincides with the boundary edge.

Ground Under Repair – Defined by white lines. French drains filled with stones that are exposed or discovered by probing are ground under repair. Ground under repair includes, whether or not marked, cultivated flowerbeds and active nurseries, which are further defined as No Play Zones. Ground under repair may include areas of unusual damage, but only when so declared by an authorized member of the Committee. When adjacent to an obstruction, such an area is part of the obstruction. Thinly grassed areas resulting from winterkill or drought conditions are not considered and are not marked as ground under repair.

Integral Objects – Include cables, rods, wires or wrappings when closely attached to trees; liners in bunkers and artificial walls and pilings when located in penalty areas unless otherwise provided for in the Notice to Players.

The following Local Rules are in effect as prescribed in Committee Procedures, Section 8 of USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Seams of Cut Turf (Sod Seams) Note: Relief is for lie of ball and area of intended swing only (F-7)
  • Immovable Obstructions Close to the Putting Green when Both the Ball and Obstruction are in General Area Cut to Fairway Height or Less (F-5)
  • Ball Deflected By Power Line On the Course (E-11)
  • Ball crossing a road defined as Out of Bounds and coming to rest on another part of the course (A-3)
  • Temporary Immovable Obstructions (“Either Side” Relief Option: F-23e(2))
  • List of Conforming Driver Heads (G-1)
  • List of Conforming Golf Balls (G-3)
  • ​Replacing Club that is Broken or Significantly Damaged (G-9)
  • Ball Played From Outside Relief Area When Taking Back-On-the-Line Relief (E-12)


Footwear – Shoes with metal or ceramic spikes that come in contact with the golf course are prohibited (G-7). Penalty for breach of Local Rule, see Rule 4.3.

Dress Code – Players and caddies must be properly attired on the course, in the clubhouse and on the grounds. Slacks or Bermuda length shorts or skorts are acceptable. Golf shirts must have a collar except for golf-style mock turtleneck shirts. Jeans, short shorts, cut-offs, tee shirts and tank tops are prohibited. Players may not play barefoot. Violations may result in the revocation of the player’s entry.

Pace of Play – 2020 JGAC Pace of Play policy is in effect.
Automotive Transportation – Automotive transportation is prohibited for players.
Scoring Area – Defined by a roped area or tape on the ground.
Prohibiting Use of Audio and Video Devices – During a round, a player must not listen to or watch content of any nature on a personal audio or video device (G-8). Penalty for breach of Local Rule, see Rule 4.3.

Discontinuance of Play – A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signaled by one prolonged air horn note. All other suspensions will be signaled by three consecutive air horn notes. In either case, resumption of play will be signaled by two short air horn notes. See Rule 5.7b. All practice areas are closed during suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open. Players who practice on closed practice areas will be asked to stop practicing; failure to stop practicing might result in disqualification.
Official Time – The official clock is with the starter.

Close of Competition – The competition is closed when the symbolic prize for the event has been presented to the winner or in the absence of a ceremony, when the committee has approved all scores or results. A match is final when it has been posted to the official scoreboard.


For any JGAC competition, the Committee consists of the designated Tournament Director, the designated Rules Captain and any member of the JGAC Rules of Golf Committee who is present at the tournament or can be reached by telephone. The JGAC Rules of Golf Committee includes any member of CGA staff, PGA staff and all CGA Chief Rules Officials.