Introductory Membership

Introductory Membership


JGAC Introductory Membership

JGAC Introductory Membership is for everyone! As a JGAC Introductory member, you will have ample opportunities to learn more about the game and prepare to become a recreational or competitive player.
We strive to create a fun, stress-free and educational environment that will hook and engage your golfer regardless of age or skill level. Check out the Events tab for more information and schedules.

Age: 6-18
Cost: $35.00

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Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes! Once your child would like to play in more competitive events they may upgrade to the Series or Tour Membership (must meet Tour requirements). Give us a call if you would like to upgrade. 


JGAC Introductory Events

9-Hole Prep Events

9-hole events for juniors 11-18 years old to experience competitive golf on a smaller scale.
CLICK HERE for complete tournament schedule.

10 & Under Series Events

Competitive events for juniors 6-10 years old to get a jump start on individual tournament play.
CLICK HERE for complete tournament schedule.

Youth on Course

YOC is for ages 6-18 and is included with all JGAC Memberships. Click HERE to learn more.


JGAC Introductory Benefits

  • JGAC Membership Gifts (received at first JGAC event)
  • USGA Handicap/GHIN Number
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Youth on Course
  • Access to 9-Hole Prep Events
  • Access to 10 & Under Series Events
  • Off-Season Education Events