Navigating Competitive Jr. Golf

Navigating Competitive Jr. Golf


“As a college golf coach, we strongly encourage every junior golfer to compete or participate in several sports/activities as they proceed throughout their athletic careers. The first goal is to enjoy the competition. Second is to make sure you prove the ability to win at one level before you advance to the next. There is absolutely nothing that instills confidence like winning and playing good golf.” (NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Coach)

What are the levels and how can you develop a schedule that helps maximize your potential? Below is the roadmap that we recommend from years of hosting events as well as gathering input from college coaches and alumni of our events.
As was referenced in the above quote, it is recommended that you move on to the next level after being successful at the current level. What is success? As a rule of thumb we recommend that a player finish in the top third of all competitions before advancing to the next level.
  • LOCAL– Club Level Programs and Junior Leagues
  • STATE – Club Level Tournaments & JGAC Junior Series
  • STATE – JGAC Tour & National Qualifying
  • STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS –JGAC Majors & CHSAA Championships
We suggest that players and their families begin their path at a young age at their home club and then work into local junior golf leagues. Once a player is ready for competition, he/she should focus on participating in their local junior tournaments and then look to participate in their local junior golf association.

As players develop and have a desire to play in the best events, they should focus on in-state JGAC Tour events and national qualifiers including the U.S. Junior Amateur, Big I Junior Classic, Optimist International, IMG Junior World, etc. The ultimate goal for junior players should be to point toward their state junior championships (JGAC Majors) and in certain states such as Colorado the high school championship.

As our players prove they can compete at the highest level in the state, they can then start to compete at major national events like the Western Junior Amateur, Junior Americas Cup and selected national junior tour events. As schedules permit, most college coaches will suggest that you fill in your schedule with selected regional tour events or national events but only if your ability level warrants it.

What can the JGAC do for you?

Selecting a schedule from the vast lists of tournaments conducted both locally and nationally can be daunting. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that each junior’s schedule will need to be tailored to his/her specific needs and wants; no players are exactly alike. For assistance in building a schedule, contact the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado staff. We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your “road map” over the phone or in person.

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