Spectator Policy

Spectator Policy


We realize that it is enjoyable for friends and family members to watch junior golfers, but in order to protect the competition and the junior golfers, and in keeping with the traditional role of a spectator, so as not to interfere with any player on the course, all spectators are required to adhere to the following guidelines while watching a JGAC Tournament Event. All spectators understand the risks associated with being on a golf course (flying projectiles, swinging clubs, severe weather and the like).

  • Spectators and parents, except those volunteers acting in an official capacity, are not allowed in the scoring area.

  • Walk only on the cart paths or in the rough where cart paths are not available. Always be aware of other groups on the course. (i.e. donít hold up the group behind you.)

  • The use of spectator carts is at the discretion of the host facility. If the facility will allow spectator carts, they may be rented for a cost.

  • All spectators shall stay a reasonable distance away from the junior golfers at all times.

    • Do NOT walk alongside the junior golfers while walking down the fairway or to the next teeing ground.

    • Do NOT talk with the players in a way that may be construed as giving advice, resulting in a penalty for the player.

    • Do NOT attempt to give rulings or advice. There are several rules officials on the course to provide the players with assistance if they need it. Spectators may assist a player call the rules phone number if needed.

  • Spectators are encouraged to look for balls. This should be done with no other interaction with the player.

  • Disrespect to tournament officials, volunteers and other players will not be tolerated.

  • Obscene, abusive or vulgar language will not be tolerated.

  • Interfering with discussions on rulings and scores will not be permitted.

  • Distracting play by loud talking with other spectators and use of camera, cellular phones, radios, or beepers during competition is strictly prohibited. Cameras and/or video cameras may be used if they do not cause a distraction to the players.

  • Spectators are asked to encourage all participants with polite clapping.

Parental or spectator interference may result in disqualification of the related participant. Warnings will not be issued. This policy has been adopted to protect the players. Any continued non-compliance with these policies will result in being asked to leave the course and possibly a loss of future spectating privileges.